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Letter to the Editor: George Latimer is a most worthy candidate


I am one of independent mind and do not live in the 16th Congressional District.  So, you ask why am I writing?

George Latimer is a most worthy candidate who grew up and attended public school in Mount Vernon.  He has devoted 30+ years to building community and making Westchester a better place for everyone to live. He is currently the Westchester County Executive where he tirelessly works while attending meetings and events of the local chambers of commerce and other community minded organizations.

While others make promises, George Latimer has tackled and succeeded in many areas including affordable housing, job training, minority and women owned businesses, and children’s services.  As a board member of a local Chamber of Commerce, I have found George to be a caring person who is a good listener with a practical approach to achieving fair results.

We need George Latimer in Congress, a real person, who holds dear the interests of all communities and who will continue to work for everyone in the 16th Congressional district.

Most Sincerely,

Tammi Ecker
Armonk, NY