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Westchester County Executive George Latimer discusses bid for Bowman’s seat

Westchester County Executive George Latimer on Wednesday formally announced his bid against Rep. Jamaal Bowman for the Democratic primary in New York’s 16th Congressional District, which includes parts of Westchester County and the Bronx. 

It is the latest primary challenge spurred in response to the Israel-Hamas war, as a growing number of pro-Israel Democrats are pushing back against some progressive Democrats who are calling for a ceasefire. 

Latimer’s campaign comes as Bowman faces a censure vote this week following an incident in September during which he pulled a fire alarm at the U.S. Capitol. 

Latimer joined Errol Louis on “Inside City Hall” Wednesday night to discuss his challenge to Bowman, saying the race “is not just about Israel, or any one particular issue.” 

“It’s about the way you go to Washington and represent the district that you have. This district in Westchester and the Bronx has very specific needs: jobs, housing, transportation, climate change issues,” he said. “And the focus of the member of Congress — because that’s the only person that represents you in Washington if you live in these communities — has to be on trying to get resources back to the district, has to be on legislation, developing the coalitions to get things done.”

Asked if he would continue to run if the district gets redrawn, Latimer said he “intend[s] to run in this district, and whatever the reconfiguration is will be what happens.” 

“The lines could be reconfigured in a way that’s disadvantageous to me. It’s possible they could be made more advantageous to me,” he said. “But as long as my house is in the district, which I think is probably going to be happening because of where my house is, I intend to run in this district.”